Monday, June 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton fundraiser | Our 25th Wedding Anniversary (part 1)

Never open with an apology. That dictum was pounded into me and my fellow students, both in the public school system of my youth and later, in courses I took at the University of Southern California. Having now begun this treatise with a statement, followed by attendant references,  I feel comfortable with this segue into an apology.

It has been too long since my last blog... you, dear reader, might remember... the one where I promised to blog more frequently? Well, maybe you don't remember. Maybe you are not even out there or maybe you just don't give a damn. It was that sort of thinking that brought me to making  the apology, but then there is the part about an apology which attempts to excuse why you did (or didn't) do the thing that precipitated the apology in the first place ... sort of negating the apology ( a non-apology apology). Have you now re-read this paragraph three times? It may be the only way to even partially understand it. Do not feel poorly about this. It is the fault of the author, and for that I also... you guessed it... apologize.

I am back at the blog thing now mostly because at a recent event... a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton (of which more, later)... I met a woman who told me she enjoyed my blogs. It doesn't take much to encourage me.  This all too singular "blog fan" even complimented me on my book, Cagney & Lacey... and Me.  (For those of you who have somehow let the purchase of this tome slip from the top of your to-do list, we still have some available via the Cagney & Lacey website, complete with a personalized autograph by the author).... I know, I know. Shameless.

The aforementioned Hillary fund raiser was at the spectacular midtown Manhattan penthouse apartment of Paul Boskind, one of Hillary's major supporters who (among other accomplishments) is a Tony Award winning producer  for The Normal Heart.  For this Hillary Do, in the heart of the Broadway theatrical district, Mr. Boskind hosted about 50 folk who came to support the candidacy of the former First Lady/ Senator/ Secretary of State.  

Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly and I were the there-in-person "draw." We sold autographed-on-the-spot Cagney & Lacey box sets for a thousand dollars apiece, dinners with Sharon and Tyne for over triple that amount, and auctioned off some other stuff, making the evening very worthwhile for the campaign, entertaining (I thought) for those gathered, and gratifying to our troika. We took pride in what we did that night and were warmed by the fact that after all these years, there were still people out there whose lives we have touched and who enjoyed spending time in our company. Win-win.

(left to right) Barney, Tyne and Sharon at the Hillary Clinton fund raiser in New York
Photo credit: John V Fahey 
© 2016  - please do not reproduce without written permission

While on the subject of politics.... yet another apology. In an earlier blog I underestimated Donald Trump's staying power in the race for the Presidency of the United States by forgetting one of the basic beliefs I have about the American electorate. Simply stated... I have often said that "American voters may not be very well informed, or even particularly bright, but they do know how to watch television." Donald Trump is good Television, and I should have given him plenty of points for that. I didn't, and that was "my bad."

Just before the Hillary event in New York, Sharon and I celebrated the 25th anniversary of our marriage by taking a week-long trip to London to visit with old friends. 

Sharon especially wanted to get to England in time to attend the opening night of a new musical based on Travels With My Aunt by Graham Greene. The book for the show was written by pals Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman, the very same award winning gentlemen who wrote and produced the American version of Queer as Folk, in which Sharon was featured for five years on SHOWTIME.  

The new musical was opening at the theatrical festival in Chichester, some 80 plus miles from London. Heathrow was the nearest airport and there was not a hotel room or even a tiny Inn with a vacancy in the entire community. The Chicester festival, it seems, is a very big deal. Who knew? Our flight from Miami was delayed so we were five hours at the Miami airport before taking off, then the eight hour flight itself, only to be informed that the train to the English countryside was inoperative due to a labor strike.  

To this news we easily adjusted. A cab ride to our London hotel to dump the luggage, a quick shower and we were back in a cab... at rush hour... to travel the (hopefully) two hour slog to Chichester. We arrived seven minutes before curtain time. Settled into our seats and enjoyed the production. At the post party we reveled a bit with Ron and Dan, who seemed delighted that we made the trek, not only from America to England, but also to Chichester. We met all the cast members of the show, and then taxied our way back to London, arriving at our hotel a little over 20 hours from the time we had left our Miami home. We slept well the next day. 

More from England in the very next blog, which will be right along. 


Barney Rosenzweig


Anonymous said...

Thanks Barney, what a delight it was to meet you in person and chat awhile. Talking with you underscored my sense of you as a strong feminist and a kind man. Thanks for remembering about the blog. Future topics perhaps could include the jist of our conversation regarding politics. It was very enlightening and I have reflected on your points several times since.

The entire evening was a dream come true. I will forever be indebted to the three of you for your life changing work and for taking the time one night in Manhattan to allow those of us in attendance a bit of time with cherished icons. You all were so very gracious.

Thank you,
"The woman who said she enjoyed your blog."

Paula said...

Welcome back Mr Rosenzweig, no need to apologise. Time has a mind of its own, and it disappears at a fast rate of knots.
I am sure it was only February two days ago. In Newcastle upon Tyne where I live it was 6 degrees centigrade whereas today it was 22. Winter to summer in 48 hours.
I look forward to hearing about your further adventures. I hope you are both well, Tyne too.
Take care

Frank Florie said...

Thank you Barney for finally getting back to your blog. It´s been waaay too long, but you know that already.(haha). To be honest, i know there are many fans like myself who actually consider you, Sharon and Tyne almost like family since the beginning of Cagney and Lacey. I have all the newsletters you sent back in the day and remember all the letters i wrote when Cagney and Lacey was cancelled in 1983 only to be overjoyed at CBSś reversal. Meeting you three in 2007 at the book and DVD signing in New York was another highlight. It´s because of all this history that i still enjoy hearing from you and continue to follow Sharon and Tyne´s career. I´m glad you both seem to be in good health and CONGRATULATIONS on your 25th anniversary! Look forward to your future blogs AND maybe an update on a DVD release of ¨The Trial´s of Rosie O´neill????¨ Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

I remember, I am out here, and I give a damn. You and Ms. Gless are the best thing to ever happen to television. (I have been a Sharon Gless fan since I was eleven. She is the BEST!) Thank you both for the hours of endless entertainment. Love from Arizona

Unknown said...

Hi Barney,
David Eisen here. I was Jimmy, the computer cop, in the booking room at the 14th precinct, next to Harvey Atkin, rest his soul. I want to thank you and the rest of the Cagney & Lacey family for many great memories. I still have the picture you gave me of "the gang." You should bring the show back.
Best Wishes to you and Sharon.