Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Sharon's Burn Notice colleague, Gabrielle Anwar, and our friend Shareef Malnik tied the knot last week and, since the event was all in costume and all on a gorgeous ranch in Montana, I suppose you could call it tying the lasso. 

We arrived at the Rock Creek Ranch on the Friday before Labor Day to meet up with the other over a hundred plus guests at a welcome to Montana party and then the first of 8 excellent meals over the extended weekend. 

Horseback riding, archery, fly fishing, rifle, pistol and skeet shooting were offered daily to guests after each morning's spectacular breakfast. Sharon took a whirl at the fishing thing while I opted for napping on our cabin's couch in front of a roaring fire. That, and always appearing in some pretty good looking costumes (courtesy of our Trials of Rosie O'Neill costumer, Ms. Leena Dunn), was my big contribution. Three years as producer of the Daniel Boone series and I bow to no one in the fire building category.

The two of us 

Gabrielle hosted a ladies' tea, Sharif had his last wild horseback ride (I passed), the couple was blessed by a Shaman from an American Indian tribe and a rabbi from Holland whose service concluded with the release of 70 stallions corralled by six wranglers. I have to tell you, it really tops sending doves skyward. The bride arrived at the ceremony by stage coach and that provided the transportation for the couple to exit when the vows were completed. My view: the most romantic and beautiful wedding I have ever witnessed.

Sharon as the madam

We are now out of the mountains and visiting LA for the USC football season and catching up with family stuff here on the West Coast. We will be here a while. My youngest daughter, Torrie, (assistant camera on The Trials of Rosie O'Neill and Associate Producer on the Cagney & Lacey reunion movies) has selected year end (actually January 1) as her wedding date here in Southern California. 

I hope to get a little business done while here. There is some renewed interest in a film I made many years ago called Who Fears the Devil (researchers feel free to read the 1972 Playboy article by William Murray Chasing the Bucks: Or Where Were You, oh ye of little faith, When Barney Rosenzweig Needed You?), there are rumblings from MGM regarding Cagney & Lacey and my hope of finalizing the deal to fully recapture the rights to The Trials of Rosie O'Neill. More on all of that as the fall progresses, but be patient. All this stuff can be a little like watching paint dry.


Paula Lee said...

Yee ha! I love Montana, and I've actually been courtesy of Yellowstone Park. Which I hope me and my other half will be visiting again next year. Aren't wardrobe/costume designers fab when it comes to fancy dress. I know a few myself. The last "hen" party I went too was amazing. We all dressed like James Bond characters! Though I just had a black T-Shirt which had an silver M emblazoned on it. My partner wore a Q.
You both look fab, enjoy californ IA, thanks for keeping us up to date with the Rosenzweig's, I look forward to reading about your ventures. Lots of love Paula, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Frank Florie said...

Dear Barney,

I'm so pleased that you are once again active on this site and sharing a part of yours and Sharon's life with all of us, your dear fans. Sharon looks beautiful in those pictures! You look pretty good too. Haha. That wedding seemed like a great time. Thanks for the pictures. I'm so curious to learn about what the ¨rumblings¨ about Cagney and Lacey is all about as well as hopefully getting ¨The Trials of Rosie O'Neill¨ on DVD. Thanks for working on all this. I wish you and Sharon continued happiness and good health!

Carol Gwenn said...

Dear Barney:

Don't know if you were aware of it at the time, but the late and much missed William Murray, author of the PLAYBOY article you referred to, was a pretty fair tenor & performer with a Gilbert & Sullivan company in L.A. Yup - he, too, could sing the entire score to "The Mikado"...and would if asked...or sometimes not.

Proves just how small the world can be.

Carol Gwenn
JoJo's Limousine

Barney Rosenzweig said...

...actually I did know of Bill's Savoyard prowess which, truth to tell, surpassed mine (at least according to him). Objectively, he was taller and thinner and a much better tenor than I. Barney Rosenzweig

Nancy B. said...

Welcome back to your blog. I love to read your entries. Was doubly happy to hear of the POSSIBILITY (I realize we can't party about it yet because the stars must align just so for it to actually happen.) of "The Trials of Rosie ONeill" to come out on DVD. I hope you had a nice fall and both of you are healthy and enjoying your life. Take it from me, it can all disappear in one minute. Have Happy Holidays, and I'll go back to watching the ASPCA ads with the sweetest cats and dogs shudder in their cages to "Silent Night." I have already adopted one rescued cat from a kill shelter in Kentucky and wish I had energy and room for more,🎅🏼

Anonymous said...

Remember your promise you made to your readers/fans?

We would hear more from you on your blog.

I enjoy reading your blogs and I have to say that I miss doing so.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Lynn - New Orleans, Louisiana

Anonymous said...

"Evening W/ CAGNEY & LACEY for @HillaryClinton" TyneDaly, SharonGless & Barney Rosenzweig on MAY 4 #NYC …