Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here I am in London ...

Here I am in London in the afterglow of a truly wonderful evening at the British Film Institute’s salute to the 30th anniversary of Cagney & Lacey. Our own Jacqueline Danson, working with the BFI, did a terrific job of co-producing the whole thing, Sharon, Tyne, and I were all on “our game”, the sell-out crowd of over 400 was enthusiastic and loving, the moderator, Dame Jenni Murray, was sharp and the film clips that were screened were well received. Of course, no one from MGM was there. No one who could make a difference in the way this series is marketed or promoted witnessed the lasting enthusiasm and affection for the show or its stars. We move on. To what? Not sure. We are approaching the end of the year….a time for decision making and New Year’s resolutions. When I have some, I will send them your way by way of another blog. There is, I must add, some small light on the horizon. MGM has licensed the entire series to a new distributor out of Toronto and in a preliminary contact with him I discovered that, unlike anyone at the new MGM, this fellow actually knows which one is Cagney and which one is Lacey. It’s a start.

One of the reasons I have remained in London is that my spouse is here with her play A Round-Heeled Woman. It has just moved from a successful run in Hammersmith to the Aldwych Theatre in London’s West End. What a coup and what a performance by La Gless. Four Star reviews, the whole nine yards. If you have a thing for Charles Dickens and Christmas in London you must pop over the pond and see this. If you are already in London (or anywhere in the nearby English countryside) I urge you to come and see this work which will continue until mid January when Sharon must begin to wrap things up in order to return to production of year six on Burn Notice. Tyne Daly will be coming to the West End as well for her version of Maria Callas in Master Class, but the two will not overlap as Ms Daly’s play begins previewing on January 21st and runs for fourteen weeks at the Vaudeville Theatre. It was fun to go to Sharon’s opening at the Aldwych with Tyne at my side and afterwards we all were consuming far too many calories late night at the Ivy. The evening before, after the BFI event, Tyne and I put the too-tired Ms Gless to bed and went on to party at the Woolsey where we reminisced and had one of our best evenings in a long time. Onward:

Whatever the New Year brings for “Cagney & Lacey… and me “(can never resist a chance to plug the book) you will learn about it here and in the not too distant future. Until then, may you have a lovely holiday season and a joyous New Year.

Barney Rosenzweig

December 3, 2011


Meg said...

Barney - thanks for the update! I wish I could have seen the BFI event. I am hopeful we can see some (or all of it) in video form.

Many thanks to you, and your perseverance in trying to get the whole series out on DVD. That would be so awesome! And the baby step (someone who knows which is which) is at least a step in the right direction!

CagneyandLaceysWebSquad said...

Meg - some video of the BFI event will be made available very shortly. For news of further availability, subscribe (free) to 'new on site' on, and/or watch this space!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barney, the third time we have been in company this week. I attended the 30th Anniversary meet-up and then the Opening night of Round Heeled Women my second viewing. You were introduced to me and my mother remember? I am still coming down from this week it's been a dream come true and a bucket shop wish completed. My mother enjoyed meeting you and Sharon she can now see what my attraction is with you both and why I have been in awe of you for 30yrs. I am currently reading your book which is giving me closer connection and insight in to your life I am relishing every page as it serves to prolong my association with you. I hope to see you again real soon and look forward to seeing Tyne in theatre in January. Much love as always Jox

Shaun said...

I was at the BFI event - it was superb. Really gave the show a level of credit it deserves, recognised it as not only entertaining but important. Really appreciated that the length and format gave the three of you time to really think about and respond to questions over and above a standard interview - excellent. And very appreciated by all.

A real treat to meet you all and thrilled that you all were happy to chat while signing books, dvds etc. I've seen La Gless in roundheeled woman (what a show!) and am absolutely loving the book. Its incredibly well written and I finished it in days. I loved deepening my understanding of the processes to get it and keep it on air, and that Sharon and Tyne are bonafide artists (with all the anguish that genuine artistic geniuses carry) working through the medium of tv rather than just the tv stars that many think of them as.

Sorry to go on, such a treat. Hope to see Tyne in MasterClass in Spring.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Barney from Berryville, Va! Thank you for the update! I'm so glad that you, Sharon, and Tyne had a wonderful evening at the BFI event! I wish I could have been there! Also happy that you and Sharon are getting to spend time together and have some quality time with your dear friend Tyne! Wishing you, Sharon, and all of your family a Joyous, Blessed Christmas and New Year! Your devoted fan, Charlene

Janet said...

You give me hope, Barney, that the remaining seasons of C&L may eventually be released on DVD. I appreciate all you are trying to do to get this accomplished. I am still mystified and astonished that such a popular and excellent show has not had a full release. I only wish your 30th anniversary show could have been done here in the States. The majority of C&L fans do not have the luxury of traveling abroad to see a show. By the way, I didn't say this in my previous post, but I do have your book (got it for Christmas the first year it was out) and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thanks for your continued efforts to promote the show we all love!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barney, this is a blast from the past. I can't believe that you are the Barney Rosensweig that graduated from Montebello High and were such a great cheerleader. I was in a class behind you but you were a leader even back then.

My favorite all-time show was Cagney and Lacy and your wife, Sharon, was definitely fantastic.

Good luck and I will definitely check out your books.
Darlene Baiocchi Rutherford (class of 1956)