Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Of a seminar past, a conversation to come, play time (x2), and MGM!

I would like to give a shout out to Elizabeth Proenza, US Army retired and a big-time C&L fan, for making my stay at Tempe, Arizona a whole lot nicer than did the USC football team. My Alma mater lost on the gridiron, but Ms Proenza had arranged for me to give a seminar and a guest lecture at Arizona State University while I was in town and that (unlike the previous Saturday's game) was a most pleasant experience. 

The students were appreciative and attentive and their professor was most complimentary about my book (Cagney & Lacey... and Me in case you forgot). 

While this was going on Jacqueline Danson was finalizing plans for the upcoming British Film Institute salute to Cagney & Lacey (November 29 in London, England). As to the home front: things at MGM are a bit murkier than originally thought, but I hope to have some real news in early November about what might or might not be possible as a result of the survey to which so many of you responded.

Sharon has already departed for London and A Round Heeled Woman rehearsals, having completed her season's work on Burn Notice. The play opens, as most of you know, the week after next, and I will be flying in right after the Cal game in San Francisco to cheer her on for the October 18 opening night. Tyne Daly is also readying a new play, It Shoulda Been You,  for a New Jersey outing about which our own Carole R. Smith will report later.

Have any of you been watching the fairly new USA series Suits?  The well-dressed, good-looking leading man is Gabriel Macht... oldest son of Stephen Macht who played Cagney's love interest in our series. Give the show a try... it's pretty good. I am disappointed by most of the new shows I have seen so far but continue to love The Good Wife and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And I cheered at the Emmy's for the awards handed out to the folks on Friday Night Lights and Justified. All very good shows.

All for now... I will be reporting back to you in early November about what I have learned from MGM and on what transpired in London with the play.

Barney Rosenzweig Oct 5, 2011


Janet said...

Barney, I am disappointed at your comment that things are looking "murky" right now with MGM. I am hoping for good news come November. (I am one of those who completed the survey.) It's so frustrating that you have to struggle to get a quality, entertaining show like C&L out on DVD, when it seems that every worthless show ever made is now available on DVD. Of course, I have the first season of C&L and the movie set, but they only whet my appetite for the remaining seasons. Will this agony of waiting never end?? (Thanks for all your efforts, though!)

Karen E. Boyd said...

Mr. Rosenzweig,
Any chance that Sharon can perform "A Round-heeled Woman" in the midwest, perhaps in 2012? Specifically, Grand Rapids ?? **looks hopeful**

Many, many thanks, too, for "Cagney, Lacey and Me". Have read it so many times the pages are a bit, well ... tattered.

Wishing you much success in getting C&L on DVD -- best TV show ever.
Best wishes,

lynn derrick said...

Hi Barney,
I have been reading the Enquirer over here in England and I loved Cagney & Lacey(watched them all). It say's you are hopeful about starting a new series.
Have you seen England's "New Tricks" series. These are older star's well loved over here and this cop show is brilliant. Please watch it, as I think an American series of this type would do great with Cagney & Lacey.

Anonymous said...

Dear Barney
Thank you for all your efforts regarding C&L and DVD release. It's quite staggering that it still has not been granted a release. Regards to Sharon who I watched on ITV (UK) TV show 'Loose Women' a few weeks back. She looks fantastic.
Kind regards. Mark, London, UK.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rosenzweig,

Thank you very much indeed for the signed collector's edition copy of "Cagney & Lacey... and me" my postman handed me today. Such a wonderful book - I would love it even if I hadn't a crush on C&L in general.

I just finished reading Bergman's "Laterna Magica" and couldn't choose more suitable fitting book to my inner atmosphere than yours to begin with right now. Thank you for sharing the Cagney-and-Lacey-part-of-your-life with those, who.. well, who needed it like i did :)

Wish you, Sharon and Tyne plenty of joy on the 30th anniversary of Cagney & Lacey in London! All tickets for the event are sold out by now - happy for you but pity for me :) (think I would travel to the UK again for this single day after just returning from the amazing "A Round-heeled Woman"-trip. ..Barney, may I tell you something you already know? - you've married the best woman on Earth, - best actress, too - and how beautiful she is... She's fantastic.)

Wish you all that you, dear people, wish to yourselves. Keep it real. Love,


Anonymous said...

Dear Barney, Greetings! I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help facilitate getting C&L on DVD? I did fill out the survey, but I want to do more if possible! Would it be helpful for me to write to MGM personally? I would be glad to start a writing campaign involving other C&L fans! I will purchase space in well-known newspapers asking MGM to do this. Please let me know! Thank you! A devoted fan, Charlene