Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barney Rosenzweig's "Barney Back 'Atcha" (5)

In comments on Barney’s blog of monday, 18 august, 2008 BARNEY THE BLOGGER IS BACK AND WE'VE GOT HIM :

-- mimi wrote
BARNEY, Sir, oh thee king of the talents, one with the ideas, fearless one to the channel beings, and so on, lol. It's GREAT to "hear" from you! Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered doing any projects here in New England?

barney answers
A simple answer would be no… although I once had an option on a project called Lancelot, the Lesser which was sort of a different kind of spin on “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”…

It never got off the ground, but it would have fit right in with your “king of the talents” thing.

-- carolyn wrote
Thanks for the update Barney, but nothing about Sharon's Emmy nomination??? How creepy was she in "Nip/Tuck"???

barney answers
You think she was creepy… How would you have liked to have been living with that lady?

Actually, it was not so bad… certainly not as spooky as living with her during her days on the London stage as Annie Wilkes in Stephen King’s “Misery.” Now that was scary.

Sharon’s psychopathic character opens up the new season on Nip/Tuck coming up soon and, personally, I thought she should have won the award and not have to “settle” for a nomination. I haven’t seen this new episode, but maybe she will get another shot at that Emmy in 2009.

Think I’m biased?

-- melissa wrote
That's great news on the 4 movies. By the way, any progress made yet on getting Rosie O'Neill out on dvd?

barney answers
Any decision on Rosie O’Neill will be totally based on how we do with The Menopause Years in 2009.

There are a few legal things to iron out, but the big issue is the question of would this be at all economically viable. The response to the DVD package of our reunion films will go a long way toward answering that.

-- no1lulufan wrote
The UK have always had a fascination with all things American (in my opinion) but I also think this show came out at just the right time, when women were becoming more common in the work place etc. It seems that it was working women but also teenage girls (trying to find their identities) that watched the show - thats why I watch it!- and so maybe thats why it was such a hit?

barney answers
Maybe… your answer is as good as any I’ve ever heard, but still doesn’t totally explain why at the 50th anniversary party for the BBC Paul McCartney asked Sharon Gless for her autograph.

-- kristy wrote
I'm in a hurry this AM but will undoubtedly have many questions for you if you have time to answer for us all. Also, wanted to give you a heads up regarding a nice bit on C&L I saw this morning on a blog called "the rap sheet".

Is the bit true about Sidney Clute? I always thought you'd kept his picture in the opening titles through the run of the series because of the great love and respect you and the cast had for him (we all loved LaGuardia). Is it also true that having the picture there helped his family in a financial way - as the blog states? Good if it did. Take care and tell Sharon and Tyne we'd love to "hear" from them both. Saw a picture of Sharon, Rosie O. and Kathy Griffin (ADORED her live in "Dallas-adjacent" recently) at dinner in Vegas prior to Cher's concert. What fun! Did Sharon come home with any "PRINTABLE" stories to tell? :)

barney answers
So little that Sharon comes home with is “printable” but she has come up with her own blog.Thanks for the link.

I thought the rap sheet blog was excellent. Yes, Sidney Clute was a great friend of mine and I kept the character of La Guardia alive through the main titles and in script references for the life of the series and long after he had passed away from a particularly virulent cancer.

This gesture did not have any particular financial impact, but that would have been very secondary issue at any rate. Sidney was a life-long bachelor and his only family at his demise was a sister who, as I remember was, along with her husband, just fine financially.

-- cd wrote
I'm also in the UK, though have taken to setting the recorder to avoid the 6am rises ... I just wish someone could persuade ITV3 to show the movies, cos I've never seen them! (WEll, only the intro one)

barney answers
I don’t control the movies in the UK… or anywhere save the USA… but they are “purchasable.” If you want them on ITV3 or the BBC write to those companies, get your friends to do the same, and you might have some success. I believe Disney owns the copyright throughout the world.


In comments on Barney’s blog of friday, 29 august, 2008 BARNEY THE BLOGGER IS BACK AGAIN BETTER THAN EVER :

-- kristy wrote
Congratulations on the weight loss and thanks for sharing this portion of your journey with us. Weight is a definite struggle for me, too. I have lost approximately 75 percent of my excess weight in the last year. It's a tough battle but definitely worth the fight. I'm sure you agree!

barney answers
It is worth it and I am so glad I did it.

I would like to lose another 10% of my total body weight, but frankly I have only been able to maintain the original 10% and not go any farther. I know that the next step is harder than the first and that what has to happen now is less calories going in and more exercise (calories going out).

Part of the problem is that I am not as motivated as I was and the second part is my being a bit smug over the initial weight loss.

I may go back to Structure House for another four week session in 2009, but I am not yet committed to that.

Meanwhile, maintenance of that kind of weight loss over (now five months) is something about which I feel good.


In comments on Barney’s blog of tuesday, 7 october, 2008 Barney blogs from Panama:

-- kristy wrote
Glad you're blogging so frequently these days! You know we love hearing from you. Can you give your wife and her former partner a little nudge to do the same? I've been wondering what's up with "Round-Heeled Woman". ... P.S. Please never refer to yourself and a "dust-bin" in the same breath ever again! How did she ever manage to pick that one sentence to use as the quote from you???

barney answers
Right now, as I understand it, the biggest “problem” with Round Heeled Woman is Sharon’s lack of availability.

She has been working pretty much non-stop with Burn Notice, Nip/Tuck and Hannah Free and then everyone’s schedule went into a freeze while folks tried to figure out what to do with the upset of the writer’s strike.

As to nudging the women… see Tyne’s new blog about the play she recently did in Los Angeles and Sharon wrote a blog when she wrapped Hannah Free in Chicago.

As to the quote in the Times: … I think I blogged at the time that I was not on my game for the interview as a result of being badly out of practice. I wasn’t upset and don’t want you to be either.

-- carolyn wrote
hey, on the next release of Cagney and Lacey DVD's, can you include outtakes? I bet there is some funny stuff there, huh?

barney answers
Frankly I have always thought these “out takes” were always highly over rated as entertainment.

As a result I am none-too-sure any of this stuff was kept on The Menopause Years. I am going to look around our vault in a few days and will see if anything is there, but (believe me) there are a lot of reasons to have these films even without seeing Sharon or Tyne not at their best.


anyone's MOTHERS said...

I lost 50 pounds,myself! NO HOLIDAY JUNKFOOD FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristy said...

Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions, Barney - I've enjoyed Sharon's blog, as well. Good job on maintaining the weight-loss for five months. Not an easy task. After a five month plateau, my weight's finally moving in the right direction again thanks to some treadmill time five or six mornings a week. Nothing excessive, I can watch most of MSNBC's Morning Joe or Keith Olbermann recorded from the night before so it's not too bad. I was really dragging my heels on the whole exercise thing but honestly do feel much better because of it. Good luck with all things weight and exercise related in the New Year. I'll need it, too. I'm known for initial enthusiasm followed by early burnout on most things that are good for me!


Unknown said...

I am honored that you answered my questions. I am so looking forward to the menopause years on dvd, even though I bought a complete set from Ioffer. I will certainly purchase the "official set" and watch every single minute. My 2 daughters ( 15 and 13) have become fans of THE BEST TV SHOW EVER and I really love sharing this with them.

Thanks again for all of your wonderful're a peach!!