Thursday, November 15, 2012


Assurances and disclaimers:

I have been led to believe that somewhere adjacent to this blog will be a banner, or some such thing, that will give you all the pertinent details you could possibly require allowing you to order the 30th anniversary Limited Edition of the complete oeuvre of Cagney & Lacey.

This last month has been frustrating. Our distributor operates out of Toronto, Carole R. Smith operates out of Miami, Jacqueline Danson operates out of London and I have been operated on in New York and Seattle while most of this has transpired.

There is something about anesthetics (and the drugs that go with them) that has a person giving less of a damn about such mundane things as their life’s work or their pride of authorship. Fortunately… much of that for which I am responsible, was completed before I went under either ether or blade.

Credit where it is due: The box… the thing that contains all the elements: the Loretta Swit movie, the episodes with Meg Foster, every episode with Sharon and Tyne (including The Menopause Years), my book in its audio version, the anniversary tribute at the British Film Institute, plus a pamphlet and a personally-autographed-by-the-women classic C&L photo… it is all there and beautifully presented by Jeff Sprigg and his staff in Toronto. It will not be sold in stores and is only guaranteed to be delivered through the official Cagney & Lacey web site.  

The negative side: It has taken far too long for the Toronto branch of this thing to get its act together and mostly because of lack of attention to detail… how to get a web site working on a monetary basis, how to spell the name Gless, how much will shipping cost and when can the entire thing get sent out before the amount of dust on the box weighs too much to mail?

Did I say I was frustrated? See above…. Then imagine all that fed back to you with appropriate expletives from the even more frustrated Carole R. Smith while flat on your back in a hospital room. Perhaps then you will forgive the delay.

This is my swan song. I am content about that. The Limited Edition is beautiful (thanks, again, Mr. Sprigg) and I know all of you will be happy with it. The pressure to get the warehouse cleaned out and sell these boxes elsewhere (I dunno: QVC, Amazon, the black market?) is mounting. Please make your order right away. Sharon and I are buying a bunch as Christmas gifts to children and grandchildren and friends too young to have seen us at our best. Hey… it’s Christmas. We, and Tyne if she wants, are first. What’s left is going out on a first come/first served basis. The Cagney & Lacey website is not Facebook. We are a tiny band and we should be able to serve you all… but better sooner than later. Do make your order as soon as you can.

If you miss out… or you want something smaller or whatever…. There are mini versions, one with all 119 episodes of Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly and that’s it, even smaller packages with Sharon’s favorite episodes and another with Tyne’s. These should all be something you can acquire through Amazon or Sam’s Club.  Details to follow.

Retailers in general are not so interested. Their management is an average age of 19 or something and they don’t want “old TV.” We tell them it is not “old”… not “vintage”…. But “iconic” and they talk to us about real estate (shelf space). You want to do battle? Go to your local Target, Best Buy, Costco, and BJ’S and ask for the manager, and then yell at him/her. I take back that last piece of political correctness. I bet it’s just a him.

It would be lovely if this were all a success, but whatever, thank you for your interest and support and your caring so much about this work of ours.

For those still reading…. I am finished with the three surgeries I have had this year and I am fine. I feel a bit like I have been in a knife fight, but then I realize… I have been in a knife fight. The prognosis for me to be around long after all these boxes of DVDs have sold is good…. Unless (and this should be construed as a warning against further sloppy spelling and misinformation from the North) I am convicted of murdering our distributor.

Barney Rosenzweig

November 15, 2012



Beren said...

Good afternoon.

You are right that ordering has been a bit frustrating but I am sure that is nothing compared to the frustrations that you have faced over the years. The anxiety that I felt with the ordering process was heightened because of my enthusiasm for the product - and that can't be bad can it?

You have given me and others something to enjoy and treasure for years to come so thank you again for that.

I hope that you are totally well soon.

Anonymous said...

Just ordered mine! Thank you for the years of work and aggravation to make this possible! Love to all

Jack MPLS said...

So the link is up on the official website, does that mean our sets are going to be sold direct from the link to VEI from Canada to te U.S. ?

Les Wilson said...

The only thing to be said is
' God Bless ' ' Well Done ' & 'Thank You '
My order is placed .
Les Wilson - England

Les Wilson said...

The only things to be said are ....
Well Done , Thank You , and God Bless !
My order is placed .
Les Wilson - England

Les Wilson said...

The only things to be said are
Thank You , Well Done , and God Bless .
Les Wilson - England

R,Rodriguez said...

Thank you Barney for posting updates and please feel better. I had ordered mine a few days ago and awaiting mine thru Cadanian Post.Can't wait to watch it from the beginning to the end do it all over again. Was never tired looking at this iconic tv series. Bless you and you family. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

Nadine said...

Getting a DVD into a major market retailer (like Target, etc.) by going to local managers is a bit fruitless in today's world. Local managers have district managers who have state managers, who have regional mangers, etc. etc. Basically, corporate decides what it will stock (for the most part). And really most people don't shop brick and mortar very much. If you really want to MOVE the product, take to social media and internet sales (more blogging, facebooking, twittering, podcasts). I'd suggest not focusing so much to the original viewers (who might not be as tech savvy), but rather their children, who might buy it for Christmas, birthdays, etc. I'm 41, but if you think about it, very few 13 year olds were watching C&L back in the day (with the exception of me and a girl in Miami I hear). Seriously though, that's my two cents. Appeal to my generation who might for their moms who loved the show but be sure it goes out to all the online retailers (amazon, deepdiscount,, etc.) Now... with all that said, thank you thank you thank you (a thousand and ONE times thank you). I'm glad you never gave up this fight and I'm seeing this come to light! I for one am grateful. I know how I'll be spending my holiday this year... with old 'friends' at the NYPD's 14th.

Paula Lee said...

Bless you Barney and all involved in getting the boxsets(both versions) finally on the shelves and able to be bought by us your endearing fans.
Mine is bought and paid for and I am waiting patiently for it to arrive (you can take the patiently out of that sentence, big smile!!)
Thank you again, yours, a very grateful fan
Paula Lee
Whitley Bay, UK

Twitter @MLPasterisk said...

My order is in ! :-) Can't wait to receive it.

Get well soon to Barney.

Anonymous said...

OMG THANK YOU BARNEY!!!! I have ordered mine. You and the ladies are great. Thank you so much for what you all do and did.

Dori said...

Ordered mine! FYI the CAD-->USD exchange rate is almost equal $1 for $1. Thank you Barney for a battle well fought.

Anonymous said...

You've finally done it!!!!
it's incredible!!!
One year ago we saw Sharon Gless still live at the Hammersmith - theater. We were so happy to see her and gave her a collage with beautiful cagney & lacey photos ... and now these pictures come alive. Thanks for your great work.
We can´t wait to see all the episode once more... twice... and for the XXX time ;-) steffi und andrea ( 2 loyal fans )

Anonymous said...

You've finally done it!!!!
it's incredible!!!
One year ago we saw Sharon Gless still live at the Hammersmith - theater. We were so happy to see her and gave her a collage with beautiful cagney & lacey photos ... and now these pictures come alive. Thanks for your great work.
We can´t wait to see all the episode once more... twice... and for the XXX time ;-) steffi und andrea ( 2 loyal fans )

Anonymous said...

Order mine a few days ago. Thanks for all the hard work. Have a very merry christmas, I know I will. I will be taking my vacation at that time and I will be watching all.

Lynn- New Orleans

Gareth said...

Thank you so much for all your tireless hard work in making this happen despite all the obstacles and for still caring so much about this very special and much loved show.
Special thanks for making it available to those of us outside the US. I'm sure this set will be treasured. The show means a lot to us.
Get well soon Barney!
My sincere best wishes to you, your family and all who've helped make this happen.
God bless you all!

Unknown said...

Order placed !Happy !

Unknown said...

Order sent ! Happy !

Anonymous said...

Loving Nov 15th! Last year on this day, I got to meet Sharon at the riverside studios & this year the box set is finally available, happy days! Thank you to everybody who has made this possible, your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated.
Denise, England

Anonymous said...

Another copy ordered and heading towards us here in the UK.


Anonymous said...

A terrible day at work and now I come home to the news that this is available! I feel like I have won the lottery :-)
Many thanks and much love to you all


lin f said...

Bless you barney and all who worked so hard to get this wonderful show to us fans. The frustration you went thru for this project did not stop you from trying to get this to us. It is so appreciated.
I ordered mine late this afternoon, the only day I did not log on in the I hope I will get one. You never know. I had a problem with paypal processing my payment. Maybe their site was having too much traffic....

Happy you are all well Barney. and thanks to Carole and Jacki also.


Unknown said...

I'm not sure that my comment from this morning got to you. Its not here. I hope that it did, so this won't seem too strange. Also, it was more than just about my problem with ordering.

I finally was able to get my order in. Just now, as a matter of fact. My problem was with Pay Pal so I canceled my screwed up account, opened a new one and it worked fine.
Thank you all and take care.

Neil Roberts said...

Mine ordered. Fabulous. Have a great Christmas all, and keep well.

Anonymous said...

I hope to that there are still available when I can purchase them in a few short weeks. I have been waiting forever for the complete set and I hope I don't miss out.

I am sending good healing vibes your way and hope that you all (you, Sharon, and Tyne + families) have a wonderful and Bless Holiday season!

Thank you for all the hard work you all put into this great iconic show and getting them to DVD for us to enjoy for years and years to come!

Angela - North Carolina

Diane Inserra, Houston, Tx said...

Woo-Hoo!!!! I feel like I hit a home run with bases loaded in the top of the Ninth (2 outs with 2 strikes ) Did I mention it was the world series with no title since the late 1980's??? Thanks so much for everyone who made this possible. Glad your recovery is going well. My best to Sharon, Tyne and all the staff too. :)


Best Regards
Diane Inserra

CC said...

As someone who was born two days before the original airing of the series finale: thank you. I'm looking forward to finally seeing it all.

PS - You're all too right about my generation! Uncultured little ingrates don't know good television when it comes right up and smacks them in the face. I'm ashamed to be associated with such trash. ;)

Cheryl said...

Got mine ordered today. So happy, there really are no words. Just glad my boss didn't see me start crying when I checked the Cagney and Lacey website and saw the link to order. What a wonderful Christmas Gift for me. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Thank you Barney for never giving up and thanks to you and all your helpers for finally making this a reality.

Time to clean off a special place on the hutch for it to be displayed.

Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Hope you are feeling better, Barney. Thanks to all of you who made this set possible. I ordered mine on Monday . Two weeks ago, on Monday we were hit by Hurricane Sandy here in New Jersey. Lost all power,heat (while temps dropped into the 20's at night)and hot water for almost 2 weeks. We are thankful to still have our lives and our home, when so many of my fellow Jerseyans lost so much more. The news that we could finally order was really appreciated. Happy Holidays to you all!

Laura Hammel said...

Just ordered my copy, can't wait to watch the show - I really hope it reaches the younger generation as it did me, I'm 23 and started watching it aged 9 with my Gran, now my niece who is 11 watches it with me - positive role models, realistc portrayals of women and quite simply the best TV show to grace our screens. And what a pleasure it was meeting all of you, Sharon, Barney, Ann, Debbie, Jackie and various fan club members after Sharons performance at Hammersmith and of course interviewing Saron before her UK run of 'A Round-Heeled Woman'an amazing experience and very happy memories - Love to you all, Laura Hammel xxx

Anonymous said...

I started watching this show as a little kid and I knew then the signicacne of the show. Now as an adult I truly understand the power of the show and appreciate the real issues that women have everyday. Thanks so much! Can't wait to receive my Limited Edition dvd set.

Feel Better Barney and thanks to all who helped.

Donna, New Orleans, Louisiana

Eric said...

Barney, thank you so much for all your hard work on this. I sincerely hope you're feeling better soon.

I ordered my copy a couple of days ago and cannot wait to see these episodes again. I loved the show in high school - not only the chemistry between Tyne and Sharon but also Tyne and John Karlen. I loved the way she could kick butt out on the streets and then come home, soften up and unwind with Harvey. Always wanted to marry a girl like that; hence, still single and searching for my Mary Beth.

Eric in Massachusetts

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing this about. I was born during the original run and have had to rely on TV repeats to see as many episodes as possible before now. I can't wait for my box set to arrive! I shall now start converting all my friends to the brilliance of Cagney and Lacey!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work everybody put into making this possible. I cannot wait for the dvd's to arrive. Hope you all have a nice holiday.

Eric, I have the perfect sister for you. She is a big fan of the show and is looking for Harvey to her Mary Beth.

Hope you're feeling better Barney,

Liz - New Orleans

Patti said...

My copy arrived this week. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to start watching. Thank you to all for your efforts on this set. It truly is extraordinary to have it after all these years of hoping.

Anonymous said...

Ordered my set and can't wait to get it! Thank you Barney for all your hard work! Hope you are on the road to recovery! Have a blessed holiday season! Tell Sharon hi for me. I so enjoyed meeting her and then seeing her again here in Omaha a few years ago! I have been a big fan of hers for a long time! You are one lucky man! I am proud to be a part of Cagney and Lacey fan base! We are loyal and appreciate all of your, Sharon and Tyne's hard work!

Thank you,

Gina Selman, Omaha, Ne.

Laura Naysmith said...

My mums buying this next week for me as a gift for the Winter solstice. Brilliant present ....ever...EVER!!

Hope you get well soon Barney xx

P.s i'm 36 and i grew up with C&L all the way over in Scotlamd. Can't wait to see episodes I've never seen an re-watch one I loved.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make this set possible. C&L was a touchstone during my high school and college years. I never missed an episode during the original run, and was hooked all over again when Lifetime aired it back in the early 1990s. How terrific to have it all in one glorious set.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone involved with making this set happen. C&L was a touchstone during my high school and college years -- truly appointment television. When Lifetime aired it in the early 1990s, I was hooked all over again. How terrific to have all of C&L in one glorious set.

Velicia said...

Finally got mine ordered. I had problems with PayPal so it was very frustrating. But, it's worth it! Thank you, Barney and team for all your hard work.

Lin said...

Santa so good to me this year.
Received my collection today, less than one week from when I ordered it on C&L website. So worth the wait. (fed ex ground to the U.S. Not premium shipping costs.) It is beautiful. Cannot wait to watch them...I do Have a question: What is the "30 Anniversay C&L Event from London? Is this a pamphlet?
or something else.

The box is great. Holds the DVDs-
6 dvd boxes, plus one with the extras. 7 in all.

Again, Barney, thank you so much for fighting so hard to get the best tv series on tv...on DVD for us fans. I am in my 70's...and when my Santa Husband brought in the fed ex box this morn. I acted like a 5 year old on xmas morn.

Hope you are healing Barney. and feeling great. Happy holidays to all.

CagneyandLaceysWebSquad said...

Lin - thank you.

The 30th Anniversay Event isn't a pamphlet, but video footage of a Cagney & Lacey Event held at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London UK in Nov 2011. For more info please see

Unknown said...

Note to All
I received mine today the box said "36 Disc Set" on the front of the box and on the over wrap.
BEFORE you panic, OPEN all the cases and CHECK...SIX of the DVD cases each have SIX Discs and the SEVENTH has 2 Discs which total 38. There is an autographed picture and a booklet.
Barney's audio of his book "Cagney, Lacey and Me is in one of the DVD cases.

Please note "Ameen" from Visual is really great. I did not take the above steps and sent him a e-mail. He was very nice and answered me in a few minutes with the above info.

Enjoy, Everyone! Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Note to All
I received mine today the box said "36 Disc Set" on the front of the box and on the over wrap.
BEFORE you panic, OPEN all the cases and CHECK...SIX of the DVD cases each have SIX Discs and the SEVENTH has 2 Discs which total 38. There is an autographed picture and a booklet.
Barney's audio of his book "Cagney, Lacey and Me is in one of the DVD cases.

Please note "Ameen" from Visual is really great. I did not take the above steps and sent him a e-mail. He was very nice and answered me in a few minutes with the above info.

Enjoy, Everyone! Happy Holidays!

CagneyandLaceysWebSquad said...

In response to all those who submitted comments about product and process, we've compiled some guides to answer your questions and respond to any concerns.

The guides are:

- FAQs
- What's inside the box
- A guide to ordering the C&L Limited Edition

Links to all of them are available on our home page at

You can also check out the Cagney & Lacey official facebook page at for further information and discussion. Many thanks for the continuing feedback!

Lin said...

C&L Network Squad. Thank your for the London Interview Link. Was very interesting....I noticed this morning it was part of the dvds. I did not see it yesterday.


Cher said...

Hello Barney I live in Liverpool EnglAND,will the DVD format be compatible here if I purchase them from your site? Thankyou for your continued hard work for the two most outstanding actresses ever to have graced the screen. Love to you and Sharon, Cher

Craig H said...

Ordered 2 copies to UK. I feel a C&L marathon is in order for Christmas!

Thanks Barney and team. if you are at a loose end now, you could always move on to the release of " The Trials of Rosie O'Neill" :-)

Jim Pauley said...

Oh my God! Just discovered this tonight via a comment left on the incomplete box set on Amazon. I filled in a survey ages ago about whether I would be willing to buy a complete box set if it were made available, and heard nothing more.

What an amazing surprise! Ordered within 10 minutes of finding it and currently waiting with bated breath!

Thanks for a terrific early Christmas present Barney, and get well soon.

Jim Pauley, England

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Barney and all of your team. I found this all by accident because I was idly browsing ALL the Complete TV Series sets on Amazon (as one does at 6:30 am on Thanksgiving...) and was astonished and thrilled to see a listing for a complete C&L set! I want to thank all the Amazon commenters who told the whole story and led me here.

Did you know that the set being sold on Amazon, with only the episodes with Sharon (not that that's a bad thing!) is going for the exact same price including shipping (if you have Prime) as the Limited Edition coming from Canada? So the VEI release is truly a bargain when you look at it that way! I promise you that I would never spend this kind of money in these lean times on a set of DVD's...except for this beautiful creation you and Tyne and Sharon and Meg and Loretta and all the amazing cast and production team made for the ages.

I have such fond memories of watching this series with my mom and sister when it was first on and laughing and crying and kvelling over these two wonderful, heroic, human women and their work/lives. All of this is to say that I had no idea of all the blood, sweat and tears (and probably expletives) that has been put into making this limited edition set available until this morning and now that I do, I want to thank you for it. I know I will always treasure it and I look forward to sharing it with friends and family, too! Wishing you every blessing of health and joy; on this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for your creative courage and resolve.

CagneyandLaceysWebSquad said...

Cher - Thanks for your interest. These are Region 1 discs. google it, or see our fb page or FAQs for further info. They will play on multi-region DVD players, etc, please check your equipment manuals

Anonymous said...

Received my Limited Edition yesterday. When I got home last night I found that one of the dvd were the same. Called left message for VEI and they returned my call this monring and was reassured that I would get my missing dvd. Thanks VEI. I started watching some of the original movie this morning. Can't wait to see the rest.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Donna - New Orleans

Dori said...

I ordered my set on Nov 15 and it arrived (North Carolina, USA) yesterday, Nov 21. Break out the popcorn, we are going to have a C&L-A-Thon throughout the winter.

pk said...

My 30th Anniversary Limited Edition arrived by Fed Express today and it is everything I expected. Worth the wait. pk

Toni- Jean Loppnow said...

Thank you so much for your hard work in putting this together. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
I am so excited to place my order.

I am happy you have no more surgeries awaiting you and send wishes for your speedy recovery and good health.

Anonymous said...

I received my set today and it is just beautiful! Thank you again.

Diane I. said...

I am not dreaming! My C&L 30th Anniversary box arrived. Just unpacked. Very happy! It's a Cagney and Lacey marathon!!!

SarahC said...

Thank you so much to Barney, Carole and everyone involved with getting this DVD set released - I really can't find the words to express how much I appreciate all your efforts.
You all get a big virtual hug from me :)

My DVDs are due to be delivered on Tuesday - at which point I plan on morphing into a couch potato for the foreseeable future... Wonderful!

Paula Lee said...

Woo hoo, I have it in my hands over here in Blightly. No extra Import VAT paid either, get in! Just to say thanks again to you all, the fans out there really appreciate what you've all done. I know it's been a stressful time for you, with some of the hitches. But now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities, and I really hope Barney is recooperating well. You're a brilliant mind Sir, and this is a fantastic achievement.
Lots of love to all the gang
Paula, 43,
Whitley Bay, UK

Frank Florie said...

I received my DVD's in only a week's time and I just kept saying to myself "I can't believe this!!" Being a fan of the show has always been an emotional rollercoaster beginning with the cancellations early on and the letter writing campaign that I participated in and seeing that it worked to bring the show back in 1984. Then all these years waiting for this series to be released on DVD while every other series under the moon was being released and never a mention of this series was so frustrating. Then the excitement in 2007 when season one was released only to have no other seasons released added to the emotional rollercoaster of being a fan of this great series. Barney, i know you and your team worked long hours and many years to finally bring this series to DVD in it's complete form and I'm so happy. With life so full of problems and stress, it's the little things like watching this series again whenever we want now in it's complete unedited form that can bring such comfort to our lives. I met you, Sharon and Tyne in 2007 in New York, and your commitment to the show by all three of you is so great. By all your form letters to us fans back in the 80's (which I still have) you made us fans feel like a family and made us feel important to keep us in the loop of what was happening with the show. I'm a 44 year old man but felt like a little kid opening the box of these DVD's and feeling the excitement of this series all over again!! Now Barney, get some well deserved rest and if you're up to another challange,maybe you can release the complete "Trails Of Rosie O'Neill" series on DVD to all of its fans in the near future. Thanks again for this great gift!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Barney, love the honesty.
Was going to be the usual cheapskate and buy via Amazon, then decided that your valiant efforts deserved more.
Now ordered via here.

Rhonda said...

Thanks for your pure cussedness and persistence in getting this to us. Please know we realize the toll and aggravation and hope YOU know how much we APPRECIATE it and all of you.

And now another generation has a chance to see what all the fuss was about! I'll do my part to spread the word... Those ladies deserve the audience - the performances and the stories deserve the attention and the love again. THANK YOU ALL.

Order placed!!! and it will truly be Christmas morning whenever it arrives!

Heather Plumb said...

I received my Limited Edition set last week. It is a Christmas present from my hubby, so it's sitting there on the counter taunting me! LOL I was 12 years old when I started watching Cagney & Lacey and there has not been a show since that has impacted me the way this show did. I am so happy to have the entire collection and to be able to watch it anytime I want! I know this sounds weird, but it seemed so real and I really felt like I knew these characters personally. I couldn't wait to hang out with them every Monday evening and see what they were up to.

Thank you for all the hard work to make this set available to us. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing!


Jaline said...

The ordering process was smooth as silk, and I am very much looking forward to receiving the big boxed set. I am so glad the long wait is over and we finally get to add this amazing show to our collections :)

Thank you for all the work and perseverance - all fans of the show (past/present/future) are grateful!

Be well,
Jaline Kayle

Kate Clark said...

Fantastic stuff. It may have cost you blood, sweat and tears but I can assure you that it's certainly appreciated.

I ordered on November 26th, and as I'm based in the UK thought that I'd be waiting for a while...Stunned to get home on a cold wet December 3rd to find it waiting. Seems distribution does get some things right.

Massive thanks to your good self and everyone else involved in putting this collection together.
That's my evenings and days off spoken for for the foreseeable.


Janet said...

Just placed my order! Now comes the hard part...waiting! Thank you, Barney, for all your work in making this possible.

Anonymous said...

Ordered box set on 8/11/2012 waiting for it to arrive

CagneyandLaceysWebSquad said...

To "Anonymous" - enjoy! Any queries re delivery, tracking etc, please contact the distributor:

Anonymous said...

I've ordered my set and am very happy that it finally came out. Since I am hearing impaired, I am so sorry that there are no closed captions or English subtitles...the cbs version had closed caption.

Thanks, Barney for making this available!

Anonymous said...

I received by box this morning in the UK. Packaging is excellent, nice, neat and compact.
Now I just have to figure out how to play them on my uk DVD player.

Neil Roberts, UK said...

It may have taken 5 weeks to arrive here in the UK, but arrive it finally has - with no extra tax or import duty. One of the discs had become loose in transit and has a few scuff marks, but seems to play scan alright (fingers crossed). But what a truly fabulous set, from packaging to liner notes to everything else. I had the good fortune to meet Miss Gless many years ago when she was appearing in Misery in the West End, and she was a joy to chat briefly to. Many thanks to Barney and everyone else involved in bringing this gorgeous set to fruition. Hope everyone has a fab holiday season and the best of health in 2013. Many thanks, Neil x

Anonymous said...

thanks Barney for your hard work in getting this released ordered this on 27 dec cant wait to get it many thanks best wishes to you & sharon, RICHARD. UK

madcatter71 said...

I received my DVD set less than a week after ordering it! WONDERFUL! I started with the pilot movie and moved on to the lost episodes. I am now 116 episodes into the Sharon Gless episodes and then onto the Menopause Years. Then, I think I will start over and watch them all again. It has been interesting to catch changes in the show. For example, in the lost episodes, Petrie's first name is Ron. It doesn't change to Marcus until Sharon joins the cast. Also, in one episode, Mary Beth calls her son Michael Emmanuel Lacey. In a later episode she calls him James Michael Lacey. Cagney's and Lacey's badge numbers change occasionally as well. Oh, and, according to the booklet, episode #3 on the fifth DVD in case #6 is called Friendly Smoke. On the DVD itself, it is titled Friendly Fire. Really neat to watch and catch these little differences. Best show ever made with the best cast ever assembled!

Christian said...

Having waited anxiously for over 8 weeks, the best box set in the world has finally arrived.

After a long and nerve-wracking day THIS is the bright spot I have been waiting for and in this very moment I'm watching the pilot in astonishing quality regarding the age of the material.

Thank you sooo much!
It must have been quite an effort creating this beautiful piece of sheer art...
The box, the covers, the labels, the inlays, the picture and the booklet - perfection in detail!
And these extras!!!

The only thing I'm missing are subtitles but they really are expendable regarding everything else.

Best regards to you all and the team behind this crowning achievement from a VERY happy fan from Germany. :-)

madcatter71 said...

Just finished watching my DVD set. I started with the pilot and then watched the entire series in order. It was many great memories of the best show ever shown on television. Thank you, Barney, for your determination to bring it to your fans. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

Frank Florie said...

Dear Barney and Carole,

Now that a few months have passed since the DVD release, I'm wondering if you could let us fans know how the DVD is selling? I hope you moved a lot of sets. I am loving watching this series again in it's unedited form! Thanks again Barney!!!

John Fuller said...

I just ordered my set today and I am ECSTATIC to say the least... I have saved and saved for this... Thank you Thank you... Barney and Sharon and Tyne and everyone... thank you thank you thank you...
From one of the male fans of the series....

Frank Florie said...

Dear Barney,

Now that a few months have passed since the release of this great boxed set, can you tell us fans how well it's selling? I hope all your hard work has paid off with a high amount of units selling!

Barney Rosenzweig said...

How are we doing? How is the Limited Edition selling? How's business? Does the expression "Don't ask" resonate?

That's the problem with asking someone of my disposition and/or cultural heritage such a question. There are many things in life about which I can assert optimism, but frankly, most of the time, I am a glass half-empty kind of guy.

How are sales going? The official response from our distributor is as follows: “ We are very pleased with the sales performance of The Cagney & Lacey Limited Edition Box set. It is a good part of our catalogue and will remain a consistent seller for many years to come”. To that I will add (again from my ethnicity) "From his mouth to God's ear."

There is actually solid reasoning behind both views: our very good, and very optimistic distributor lives in today's real world of diminishing returns, fractured markets, competing technologies and reasonable expectations. I, on the other hand, come from a memory of 20 to 30 million viewers every week and therefore cannot seem to grasp where they all went. I cannot seem to grasp how to monetize the Internet (let's face it neither, apparently, does the team who went public with Facebook). More and more I find I am of the Michael Eisner school of "....the only people making money on the Internet are people who are selling coffee and donuts to folks going to seminars about the Internet."

Hopelessly mired in the past I long for the clarity and business models of the old days. It is no doubt age appropriate that I spend more time on reflection than the future seeing as what's left for me in the time to come is not nearly so glamorous as in times gone by.

Now... aren't you sorry you asked?

Finally, a question from me: Mother's Day is fast approaching. What are you getting dear old Mom and Grandma for their special day?

Barney Rosenzweig

Frank Florie said...

Dear Mr. Rosenzweig,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I really appreciate it. You've always been a man of honesty and directness. I was glad to meet you, Sharon and Tyne in New York in 2007 at Barnes & Nobles. I would just like to say that yes, times have changed drastically and I'm not comfortable with all of it either and I'm only 44 years old! Maybe if the boxed set was released, say around ten years ago, it would have sold even more than it has so far. Also, it would have helped if the set was actually on display in stores for the public to be reminded about your great show. However, I guess you just have to work with what you have and I, and many many fans are so grateful for your continued persistance in getting the series on DVD. You and Sharon and Tyne have made iconic television for us fans and we appreciate it very much. This show will always have a special place in my heart. I've always appreciated how you have always communicated with us fans in the past through all the form letters you sent us every season (which I still have!) and i appreciate your candor in your answer to me regarding sales. Please don't sound so down. You've created some great work in the entertainment field and you're still here so I hope you will continue to be creative in some way. Please know that you have many fans of your work who will always support you in the years to come!! I now hope, after reading this that that glass you now see is half FULL! My regards to your beautiful wife Sharon.

Anonymous said...

I ordered my limited edition set the day it went on sale . Just for the record - it arrived safely here in England in only 6 days , and I didn't have any hassle with import duty . I am disappointed , but not surprised it didn't sell out right away . I guess its a sign of the times . As a musician - I know that nobody buys my Cds anymore - they just steal them off the internet . All types of
' hard copy ' media are in decline , and the Cagney & Lacey DVDs is another example . Perhaps some people download them off i-tunes ? I don't know what the figures are for internet downloads . Anyway Barney - please be proud of finally getting this box set out , and don't be downhearted - you are the Richard Thompson of TV ( world's greatest songwriter and guitarist - but sells only 10,000 units ! ) . God Bless
Les Wilson - male fan - England

CagneyandLaceysWebSquad said...

Thank you for the empathetic E-mail regarding DVD sales in the new world of today's technology. I am afraid I do not know guitarist Richard Thompson,but in sympathy I plan to be one of the (apparently few) buyers of his work. The good news? Our young distributor seems to have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for "Cagney & Lacey" and for that I am most grateful. I am not totally convinced that I am burned out, but there is no question that at my age I know a lot more about the past than I will ever know about the future. I cannot understand, for instance, the philosophy (or business strategy) of the owners of copyrighted material who have allowed their libraries to be pillaged by such services as iTunes, Hulu and Netflix. For longer than my lifetime the Major Studios continued to exist...and even thrive...while most American Corporations of my youth fell into obscurity. The reason was not because of superior management...managers of the movie companies constantly change and with relative rapidity. It was not because of their real estate holdings or their brick and mortar plants...All of the studios have at one time or another sold off all or most of their physical plants and/or their real estate. What separated the studios from other corporations was their greatest and long-lived asset...their libraries.
Now they seem to have, just like the music business moguls before them, thrown caution to the winds to turn over all this valuable material to the ether of cyber space and the Internet for little or no remuneration. My view? Big Mistake. Their big mistake, for which I have now had to pay dearly. Read the last page of "Cagney & Lacey...and Me," the memoir I wrote and now shamelessly promote, to understand the happy ending.
Barney Rosenzweig April 21, 2013