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Barney Rosenzweig's "Barney Back 'Atcha" (2)

In comments on Barney’s blog of friday, march 23, 2007 WIN / WIN:

-- late edition wrote
I have a question, Mr R. I'm in Australia and I know from personal experience that there are a bunch of people out here hanging out for the DVD release .... is there any news about when Region 4 will get C&L on DVD? Thanks in advance for any news you can give Aussie fans.

barney answers
This is a good research question beyond my current pay grade. My worthy (and long-time) assistant, Carole R. Smith, will attempt to glean this information from the sometimes tight-lipped types at MGM/Fox, although (to be perfectly honest) she seems to have a way with them that I never did. 

With any luck, Ms. Smith will simply add a post script to this and you will have your answer so that you can happily get back to the Barbie (is it spelled that way?---Does she spell it that way).

-- dusty iuga wrote
I am also writing because I want to speak with you about an animation I am working on. May I could speak with you? Maybe I could send you a DVD? Maybe?

barney answers
That way lies madness. Sorry, Dusty, I don’t take submissions and at this point in my life wouldn’t know what to do with one if I did. I sometimes get paid to read stuff and comment (it’s called what I [used to] do for a living). Now…. Not so much. 

Does the expression “out of the loop” animate? I do (occasionally) give out free advice which is worth only slightly more than the amount paid for it. Let’s try doing that on this site and see if it gets too overwhelming. 

Let me know more about your project, you (like your age and in what part of the world you reside) and I will see if I can come up with something semi interesting in response. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want to see on a website.  

-- jacksonintl2 wrote
When do we get the next installment of C & L? I've watched the first set 3 times; I'm hungry for more episodes! Is there a calendar for more release dates?

barney answers 
There is, unfortunately, no calendar. There is not even a memo pad. To stave off your hunger, prepare yourself for the soon-to-be released quartet of Cagney & Lacey reunion films, “The Menopause Years” in 2009. It is a lovely repast and if enough partake I am betting your menu will soon be even more full of other Cagney & Lacey items and episodes
In comments on Barney’s blog of friday, april 6, 2007 WHAT TO DO :

-- debbie wrote
I also can't wait for your book. I would love for you to autograph it for me. I don't know how you would though. 

barney answers
By now you should know. This website provides all the info that is necessary about ordering, purchasing (more important) paying for my book. Autographing it is certainly my pleasure. 

Think about ordering more… assuming that by now you already have yours…Publisher’s Weekly calls it a “Master Class” and I get a lot of wonderful comments about it that make me very pleased and proud. 

Christmas presents for gal pals, mom? Why not write the New York Times book editor and request coverage on the book?  Is this a flagrant enough pitch!? I am trying to get out of the starving author’s club… HELP!
In comments on Barney’s blog BOOK FAIR  on sunday, April 29, 2007:

-- anne wrote
So when are you gonna hit the Portland or Eugene area? Nice big lesbian population here, guy, I'm tellin' ya!

barney answers
Anne…. You do know how to get a fella’s attention. I like Portland and Eugene. Being a USC fan, Corvallis is not one of my favorites, but I digress. 

A trip like the one you suggest requires a sponsor… I am willing to sing for my supper, but there has to be … a supper. The book biz is very arcane and unless you write about Wizards or, in the case of the Portland you describe, witches… or self-help books with a sure fire diet to lose 50 pounds in 50 days… it just doesn’t cover expenses, let alone put food on the table. 

Get all those Lesbians in a room…. Let me rephrase that… Gather ye…. No, too flowery. Put a good size group together that will pay some bucks for a luncheon, or whatever, to whichever charity or group you like, invite me up to speak and sign books and a deal can be made. 

Stipend is a good word to remember regardless of your sexual orientation.  

-- pip wrote
Any chance of a book tour in the UK?! Would love to catch up with you out here

barney answers
 I, for one, would love it. For something like that to work, the book should probably have a publisher in the UK. Hey… the rights are available. Shop it around. 

Part of the “deal” would be to bring this old guy to London and send him all around to whomever might be interested in getting a signed copy of… all right, I’ll say it myself… a very good memoir. Travel is not one of my favorite things, but I make exceptions for certain places and the United Kingdom would certainly be one of those. 

-- Lori wrote
I like the idea of the crew sweatshirts being available. Please let us know when these are available and where we can order/purchase them from.

barney answers
This is about to happen. Keep turning to this website for an update. We will probably tie it all in with the 2009 release of Cagney & Lacey: The Menopause Years. 

-- amy wrote
Hi my name ia Amy Arnett. I am from Jackson Michigan. I just wanted to know why no stores have cagney and lacey. My mom was going to get it for me for christmas but the stores she went to don't have it. 

barney answers
This has been the bane of the entire process of getting the DVD packages out to an interested public. The problem is that those “in the know”… the so-called professionals who are the itinerant managers that control all the libraries of films and television shows… have developed a conventional wisdom that “vintage television” is a dying business. 

They, having effectively killed whatever business there was, then go about proving the business is dead by doing what they have always done (a not-so-good job) which in turn enables them to be right.

It is sort of like what we have been doing in the US for the past 20+ years: keep electing people who hate government and then act surprised when they don’t govern well. I think it is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Believe me, Amy, I tried very hard to move these power types with the argument that Cagney & Lacey was not “vintage” television, but rather “iconic” television. It seemed like a better idea than telling them flat out what I thought of them. I was good in the meetings. I think they were impressed to some extent (at least they said they were), but it just didn’t resonate. 

It did not translate to sales to the stores with the shelves and, without those, we get frustrated folks (such as your Mom) who can’t figure out where to buy the stuff. 

Okay… you’ve found us. We will try to help all the Moms and all the daughters (and sons) who have Moms. Send us your orders for books. I will autograph them. 

Try Amazon for the official DVD package that is out there and if you don’t get satisfaction, let us know and we will help. 

Keep an eye on this site for the new DVD package of The Menopause Years and some merchandise that just might go along with that. Say “hi” to Mom and thank her for her interest. 

You too.    


anyone's MOTHERS said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mimi said...

Hey Barney. I just got back from Oregon, ever gone to Autzen? It's the loudest stadium in the country, don'tcha know? lol.

Rach said...

Hello Barney,

Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming DVD release for the C&L movies in 2009. Will be buying!

I hope that everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!

Rachel B