Monday, November 26, 2007

New Beginnings at End of November

I am happy to report that we are getting some orders for the new “collector’s edition” of Cagney & Lacey… and Me. It is always nice to learn that folks are still turning into this website, even though we have all been a bit remiss about keeping it current and lively. A good many of these book purchases are from our fans in the UK which, frankly, we did not anticipate when calculating the inclusion of costs of postage in the flat price of $30. Never mind…those early birds just made a good deal. The redoubtable Carole R. Smith is doing some quick calculations and we will post a slight caveat for postage on future purchases outside the US of A which will come into effect once we (you should excuse the expression) post them on this web site. In the interim, you folks outside the US will not bankrupt us so feel free to order fast.

The USC football season is coming to an end…. There is some progress on the horizon for release of the quartet of Cagney & Lacey reunion films we all refer to as “The Menopause Years” and I am looking forward to 2008 as only someone who has experienced 2007 could.

I have but one New Year’s resolution, and that is to do a better job of keeping in touch via this website. “More and better blogs in 08.” It may not get me elected to public office, but it should at least pay part of what is due to those of you who have been so faithful to this cause in miniature.

I may not even wait for ‘O8, so please do keep checking in. If there is something in particular you want me to write about, let me know. Updates on the future release of more stuff on DVD will always be at the top of the list. I will push and pull and use all my influence with the dynamic duo, but Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly just may be two of the busiest 60something actresses in show business. Ms Daly is about to open in New York in a new Edward Albee play and Sharon is completing a multi episode commitment for the hit TV series Nip/Tuck. The various labor disputes in Hollywood and New York keep these two women on their toes, but they remain busy. I will look for quiet moments to get them to add to their blog sites.

Until next time…

Barney Rosenzweig


N Jones said...

Hi Barney, thanks for the blog have been checking into the site regulary waiting for an update! I am one of the overseas fans here and I am really, REALLY annoyed at FOX with the DVD issues, they put next to no advertising out about the show and expect it to sell without people realising it's out!?! It happened with Hill Street Blues and now with C&L, two groundbreaking shows locked up in the vaults. Unfortunately I have never seen Cagney and Lacey past the first season thanks to the DVD release so it is even more of a pain for me as I was just really getting into it all with all the characters. However I have seen one movie and am looking forward to the release of others. There are quite a few members over at HT software forum who want the remaining seasons released aswell as plently here but oh well... Is there any hope at all for seasons 2+ to be released?

ashleigh said...
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ashleigh said...

HEY BARNEY!! wow thanks for posting a fresh blog. i live in the UK, im 18 and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE cagney and lacey!! i click onto the site EVERYDAY and im really excited about the new book release-im hoping to get it for christmas!! as for future dvd releases...where do i sign to show my support??!! i REALLY hope that happens too!! the show was too ground-breaking and fabulous to lose.
all good wishes, keep well. love ashleigh xx

Mimi said...

Tyne in NEW YORK?? How about NEW JERSEY?? Don't scare me like that, Barney. This 31 year old gal just hit 51 REEEEEALL fast, lol. I'm almost finish reading your book and have loved it from the start. Thanks for the enjoyment! Wishing you a happy holiday season. Be safe, be well.


Charzanne said...

I am not sure whether this has been discussed. I was working in Ecuador until October of this year and I was waiting to buy my Cagney and Lacey upon my return to Toronto. I watched the season in 3 days and NEED more.
I have heard mixed messages about the rest of the series being released...
Is the next season coming along or do we need to start a petition :) Please let me know if any more Cagney and Lacey is available and thanks for season one. It made my decade.

Lise said...

Thanks for mailing the book so fast Barney - a real treat....despite already owning the paperback version! I hope this makes up for the UK postage deal I was lucky enough to benefit from!
Thankfully ITV3 are still running C&L - they have run the entire series and then started over again - only missing out the Menopause Years. Thanks to Sky+ I can series link and never miss an episode.
Good luck with the negotiations - we NEED a full series release and the films......which part of that don't these people understand???
Wishing you and Sharon a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2008.
(Any news on Sharon's London West End play?)

Zandra LaPoI said...

Cheers Barney,

You probably know that you and the program you lovingly created still have a hell of alot of fans out there! We won't stop coming to this websire, you can rest assured on that!

Take care and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Sharon,


~Stevie~ said...

Hi Barney,

My name's Steve, I'm 24 and from the UK. I have watched Cagney and Lacey since I was a kid. My Mum always had it on, even in repeats!

We have a little joke about 'Cagney and Lacey', 'cos Mum tells me that while she was pregnant with me, she'd make chicken flavoured 'Super Noodles' every week to watch Cagney and Lacey with, and now, 24 years later, I do the exact same thing with Chicken 'Super Noodles'. It's become a silly!

I've come to love the show as much as my Mum does, but am really bummed that only one season has been released on DVD, with no word of any more to come yet.

I'm SURE season 2 wont be long, but could they hurry it up a little? I've watched the first season over and over again and am VERY eager to watch more, and the 'Menopause years' I've heard so much about.

Thanks for your show, and the DVD's!

Regards from a huge fan,

Steven Moore

P.S. I do a little blogging of my own. Hope you or any other readers here can stop by from time to time.

Amy said...

Dea barney.

My Name is Amy Arnett I live in Jackson Michigan .My sister-in-law hase been calling stores for cagney and lacey dvd and done of them eveing carey it at there store. There are some people that don't have credit cards. There are some people have credit cards but are afraid to give there creidt card number out because cant trust some people. They have the cagney and lacey online but not in stores. I would realy love to have it. My family was going to get me it for christmas but can't find it in stores. my sister-in-law called 10 places they don't have it. My e-mail is If you could find out why it is not in stores i would really be greatful. Sharon gless is one of my favorite actreses. i love that show. you can e-mail me back. bye for now take care and god bless.

From Amy

Jo said...

Dear Barney,

Happy belated birthday! How was the book signing at Books & Books?

It’s great to read/hear that you are well. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the release of the Menopause Years. There’ll never be enough Cagney & Lacey for us fans. Frankly, even if MGM/Fox were to wake up and release rest of the series on DVD, we’d likely be clamouring for “special editions”! :D To move sales, MGM/Fox would do well to learn from other studios such as Paramount….I’ve read that the complete series of Queer as Folk has been flying off the shelves….and all they did was slip in 1 bonus disc. Other extras were already in the single season releases! I’d certainly pay a premium for outtakes, deleted scenes, clips from award shows, trailers and such. Enough about DVDs! Whatever happens, I shall always be grateful for all your consideration and effort on behalf of us fans.

Re your blog / this site, a few small suggestions:
(1) if it’s not too sensitive, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the WGA strike, in particular the new media issues they are wrangling about. Also, has it affected Sharon and Tyne much? (hope not!)
(2) have you started any new projects / hobbies? Understand that you have just “stopped, not retired” :)
(3) a section for trivia Q&A on C&L episodes would be nice

Bye for now. I wish you and Sharon good health, blue skies and happiness in this new year!


Gordon F. Corbett said...

Dear Mr. Rosenzweig,

In your essay, "Apologies to Thomas Wolfe," you remarked to the effect that only "Cagney & Lacey"'s first season has been released for sale on DVD. That statement puzzles me.

I just looked at . It lists a complete series of "the best of Cagney and Lacey." The "regular" price it lists for this series is $389.99, and they are offering it for a slight discount at $68.99. It must be offering it almost world-wide, because its listing says that it is recorded "region-free," meaning that people who use NTSC and PAL can play it. They do not say that people using the French and Russian system, SECAM, can play it, so "region-free" is probably a falsehood.

The fact that the DVDs' boxes' artwork lists the title as "Cagney and Lacey," without the American ampersand, tells me that this series may be a British-licensed version.

Please tell me whether, if I buy this series, I will be purchasing "pirate" or other theft. If we lay out our hard-earned money for something, we do not want to cheat anyone out of his or her due.

Please let me know.


Gordon F. Corbett

Heather Danette said...

I was excited to hear about the release of the four "Menopause Years" movies on DVD. Especially since there seems to be little hope of the release of any more seasons for the series. However, I was very disappointed by the latest news reported on According to the article, the four movies are going to be released on a new high definition player format. This new format, HDVMD, will require a new player that could cost $200 to $300. This is really frustrating. First, the First Season DVD is only available on which really limited its availability and success. Now, they are only offering the movies on a new format that will also limit its success. Are they still trying to sabatoge the success of this series?

Kim said...

Hello Barney,

Any word on when the 4 "Menopause Years" movies along with the rest of the series will be released? We have enjoyed watching the first season again 25 years later. Looking forward to watching the rest of the series and the 4 movies again. The shows are timeless.

I can not figure out why they would only release the first season instead of the complete series. It seems every other show ever made has been released. Who can we write to (or in more modern times email) to demand the release of the entire series?

Wishing you and Sharon the best!!